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Occupational Health & Safety and Quality Assurance Management

HYJ Services holds issues of Occupational Health and Safety in high regard. We comply with the industry standards
and constantly reviewing it with the experts in such area. As an integral part of staff training, each staff is trained on
the Policies, Regulations, Procedures and Safety Standards of the opeartion site where it is employed. All staff is provided with protective equipments where required, i.e. safety glasses, helmets, shoes, gloves.

Regular inspection on compliance of regulations will be conducted by our site supervisors. HYJ Services
insurance package, Worker's Compensation & Public Liability Insurance, protects against any problem
that may arise by staff, theft or property damages, giving our client a peace of mind.

HYJ Services as a minimum requirement will maintain up to date records, providing evidence of our adherence to
the Quality Assurance benchmark standards.
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