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About HYJ Services

HYJ Services is ;
- a Commercial Cleaning service provider,
- a Ground Maintenance service provider providing lawn- mowing and gardening services,
- a Multi-trade Builder providing General Maintenance including carpentry, painting, plumbing, electrical
and tiling services.
HYJ Services has vast experience in most types of general maintenance services including cleaning, in particular with various types of Supermarket & Shopping Centre including warehousing, Corporate & Office, and Strata Property.
Managing Director of HYJ is Jack Heo who has experiences in Customs and Import/Export Logistics industries
at various organisations for more than 15 years.
After finishing with his corporate career, he decided to enter into commercial cleaning, ground and general maintenance industries. HYJ Pty Ltd was formed not only to bring a qualify performance, but also to be run
by a systematic & transparent management approach.
Applying his past experiences to "HYJ Business Management System (HYJ-BMS)", Jack Heo has spent
more than 20 months to establish, implement, and enhance the HYJ-BMS, in line with Quality Management
Standard (ISO-9001), Environmental Management Standard (ISO-14001) and OH&S Management Standard
It was basically establishing a series of process to transform the hands-on experiences of the general worker
and Jack Heo's systematic management skills into a streamlined operating system to achieve optimal customer
HYJ constantly receives positive feed-back from the customers and the customers enjoy the HYJ-BMS
implemented and maintained at a high standard.
As a multi-trade builder, HYJ Services is a member of Housing NSW (Department of Housing) Contractors Panel,
in General Maintenance including carpentry, painting, plumbing, electrical and tiling, and in Ground Maintenance
including lawn-mowing, gardening and cleaning.
HYJ Services is run by a systematic management approach, and has built a reputation for delivering an affordable,
but quality service to its customers.
Although the company has multi-sites operating in various areas, it still retains the ability to meet the needs of each
individual customer, giving that personal touch for which HYJ is renowned for.

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